Exciting news! The eagerly awaited KIPS 2.0 software is approaching its final development stages. We’re thrilled to announce that demos are now available for feedback. If you’d like to experience a demo, simply complete the form below.

Here’s What to Expect

In August 2020, we received a $100K Academic Research and Development Grant from the Nebraska Department of Academic Development to work with the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Monroe-Meyer Institue on redeveloping and improving KIPS.

In partnership with, Appsky, a software development company in Omaha, NE, we are working on developing KIPS 2.0. The research-backed evaluation tool you’ve known for the last 20 years isn’t going to change, rather we’re focusing on redeveloping the eLearning and certification software behind the tool. One new feature you can expect are digital evaluations forms!

From old to new, keeping what makes KIPS great and adding a  modern, user-friendly twist.

What’s to come…

Implementation of the new branding

Updated eLearning software - New designs will have a larger focus on user experience

Digital Evaluation Forms

Immediate access to KIPS when registering online

Gradual update of videos

Agency Admin Portal for supervisors to add new KIPS users/recertify users/check status of employees

Mobile Responsiveness

Multi-language text translations next to videos

We want to hear from you

Interested in being the first to try KIPS 2.0 or have ideas/feedback? We’d love to hear from you.