Nurturing Insights

Providing Outcomes


KIPS is a convenient, reliable, evidence-based tool to effectively measure parenting behaviors. Family service programs commonly aim to enhance parenting to promote children’s development. However, few programs directly assess parenting behavior. By assessing parenting, you can tailor services to individual families, track parenting progress, and document program outcomes.

What Do We Provide?

12 Key Behaviors We Focus On

 Building Relationships

1. Sensitivity of Responses
2. Supports Emotions
3. Physical Interaction
4. Involvement in Child’s Activities
5. Open to Child’s Agenda

  Promoting Learning

6. Engagement in Language Experiences
7. Reasonable Expectations
8. Adapts Strategies to Child
9. Limits & Consequences

 Supporting Confidence

10. Supportive Directions
11. Encouragement
12. Promotes Exploration & Curiosity

Benefits of KIPS

KIPS identifies the 12 key facets of parenting, guides staff observations, and supports reflective practice and supervision. Together, you can evaluate parenting outcomes and track parenting progress and change over time. KIPS is an invaluable resource for social workers, early childhood development centers, and many others who work closely with families. 

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