KIPS Shows Parents How to Grow


Gain access to our vast library of articles and videos to supplement the KIPS training.


Learn how to identify and measure the 12 key facets of parenting to promote healthy parent-child relationships.


Evaluate parent/child interactions and provide actionable tips for improving parenting skills.

What is KIPS?


KIPS shows how parents grow.  With the KIPS parenting assessment you can document parenting outcomes. KIPS measures 12 key facets of parenting that you can use in partnership with families to promote parent-child relationships, promote learning, and support confidence.

As an evaluation tool, KIPS allows us to measure parent-child interactions over time. With coaching and support, many families demonstrate improvement across all areas of the tool.  It is rewarding to see the growth! The home visitors report that KIPS is one of the most meaningful evaluation activities they do with parents. They enjoy making regular videos of the parents playing with their children. When they review the videos together, they are able to provide supportive feedback to the parents and help them build on their strengths.

Rosie Zweiback, Project Director

Interdisciplinary Center for Program Evaluation
Munroe-Meyer Institute
University of Nebraska Medical Center

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