Frequently Asked Questions

General KIPS Questions

What is KIPS?
KIPS is a practical, reliable and valid observational assessment tool designed for evaluating parenting outcomes and collecting clinically relevant information.  When staff incorporate KIPS assessments into their routine services, they can identify parents’ specific strengths and needs, and tailor their parenting services for each family.  Thus, KIPS not only documents program outcomes, it can guide and improve clinical services.
What is the process of getting started on KIPS? Where do I begin?

Check out the How It Works page to get information on the process.

What does a KIPS eLearning subscription include?
KIPS eLearning subscriptions provide access to the training program for 30 days and to the online KIPS Library for 1 year. KIPS is currently available online with PC, Mac, or Chromebook. We recommend using the Google Chrome Browser for viewing. The Library offers ongoing support to maintain scoring skills via a searchable database of parent-child play videos with scoring discussions, videos of KIPS users  sharing their experiences with KIPS training, supervision, service planning and use with families, KIPS-Curriculum Crosswalks, and a virtual file cabinet of print materials.
What is the KIPS Annual Checkup/Recertification?
After passing your KIPS Certification for the first time, you have one year until your KIPS certification expires and you will need to recertify. For KIPS recertification there are two self-assessments offered to check scoring skills which don’t count toward certification. Then each person has three opportunities to score exam videos from a random pool.  Staff only need to achieve 80% agreement on 1 of the 3 videos to become recertified.  If you order Bundles, your staff will also have access to the KIPS Library Video Collection where they can practice scoring and listen to scoring discussions.
I failed all three of my exam attempts, now what?

When someone doesn’t succeed after three exam attempts we take this as an indication that for this person the online training alone isn’t meeting her/his needs.  We have found that retaking the course along with coaching from someone local who is currently KIPS-certified, preferably a supervisor, usually results in success.  Let us know (email jade@kipscoaching.com) when you identify a coach, so we can send them some tips on coaching, and we will reset the account to retake the exam. 

How long does it take to complete the certification process?
On average it takes ten hours to complete. We recommend breaking down the eLearning to no more than two hours a day.
How often do I need to recertify?
Once certified in KIPS, you have one year until your certification expires and you will need to recertify.

Finance & Invoicing Questions

How expensive is KIPS/Where do I order?

You can order and view the prices for KIPS on the following order form.

How do we pay?
After a KIPS order is submitted, an invoice will be generated and you will receive an email from Interactive Parenting Technology’s Quickbooks. The email will include a link to view the invoice. By clicking the link, you have the option to pay directly online with a credit card, a debit card, or ACH. Some organizations prefer to pay by check. All checks can be addressed to:

Interactive Parenting Technology
356 N. 76th St.
Omaha, NE 68114

Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, we do accept purchase orders. Please include your purchase order number on the order form and we will make sure it’s included when we send out an invoice.
My organization needs your W9, how do I get that?
Please email jade@kipscoaching.com and request a W9.
What’s your address?
Interactive Parenting Technology
356 N. 76th St.
Omaha, NE 68114

Technical Questions

Help! I tried to access the KIPS exam, it wouldn’t load correctly, and now I no longer have the option to take the exam. What do I do?

If this happens, don’t fret! Email logan@kipscoaching.com with your first and last name and she will delete the “blank” exam. The KIPS team is currently working on the redevelopment and modernization of the KIPS software to eliminate future problems like this. The tool should be available Summer 2024.